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The main achievements of the Banwasi Seva Ashram over the past 50 years are:

1. Establishing rapport with people living in all 400 villages in the four community development blocks of south Sonbhadra.

2. Forming a three tier people's organisation. Three tier people's Gramswarajya organisation has been set up to promote people's initiative for community development at village level, at village development centre level and at Ashram level. There are Gramswarajya Sabhas in 445 villages (hamlets) to take initiative in resolving the village disputes within villages itself; introducing social reform; promoting women's equality and development, in promoting communal harmony; sharing of the responsibility in implementation of the development programmes, in asserting themselves to get their decreed entitlements, and in containing corruption. On an average 2,700 disputes are resolved per year by the Gramswarajya Sabhas.

Sarvodaya leader Jaiprakash Narain at a Gramswarajya convention in the operational area

3. Securing social justice. The Ashram has helped the people by obtaining

  1. Release of 1,500 bonded labourers and 1,000 acres of land under occupation of others and/or forest department
  2. Land titles of 5-15 acres per family for 50,000 families residing on the total land 2,75,000 acres in all the villages of south Sonbhadra
  3. Elimination of exploitation in harvesting of forest produce

4. Promoting social welfare

  1. Of the school age children through
  2. Of adults (functional literacy)
  3. Library facility at Ashram, Ashram's field centres and in villages as a part of the development project, 100 to 200 centres
  4. Apprentice training in village industry, social work and employment skills

Rural Health Services

Women's Equality and Development

This is achieved by

Drinking water facility

5. Promoting agriculture, forestry and dairy development and khadi and village industry

6. Extension of Gramswarajya work to other areas through young social workers

7. Environment protection work

Activities oriented to environment protection are:

Ashram has been executing environmental quality monitoring in Singrauli area since 1997. At present it is conducting environmental quality monitoring for air at 9 places, surface water at 24 places and ground water at 13 places for Central Pollution Control Board. Consultation with experts and presentation of the concern at appropriate places.

In Summary...