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Organisational strucuture

Banwasi Seva Ashram believes firmly that for a programme to be effective and successful there has to be a people's organisation in every village, to formulate and implement plans. These organisations were set up according to the needs of the people in this district, taking account of difficult access and distances, periods of availability etc.

At Village Level: a Gram Swaraj Sabha, which includes the adults or at least all the household heads of the village. This is like a government for the people, by the people and of the people at the village level itself. The goal is to achieve self-sustainability and development of a person's total personality.
At Village Cluster Level:-The various Gram Swaraj Sabhas are linked with a Kshetriya Gram Swaraj Sabha. This has the Chairmen and Secretaries from each Gram Swaraj Sabha of a group of nearby villages under its jurisdiction.
At Central Level:-Located at the Ashram headquarters in Govindpur, this level of the Kendriya Gram Swaraj Sabha, is the representative body of the Kshetriya Gram Swaraj Sabha's and its initiator, the Ashram.

These organizations provide easy mutual contacts between the villagers and the Ashram. All work together for one aim: the all-round sustainable development of the local people. The idea is that people should acquire the necessary self-confidence, skills and status to manage their own and village affairs.

Governing Body

The Governing Body is super structure of Banwasi Sewa Ashram. It has 15-members.  Its members are eminent social workers, experts, local elders, youth and a weaver and a spinner. It meets at least twice a year.

Governing Body is responsible for:

Secretary of the organisation selected unanimously is a board member as well as a responsible functionary and holds the responsibility of managing activities, fund raising, utilisation of funds, etc., and calling Governing Body meetings and ensuring implementation of its decisions.

Departmental Heads

The organisation's departments are: Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Education and Training, Health and Medical Care, Environmental Health, Khadi and Village industries, Women's Development, Gramnirman (village development) and People's Gramswarajya.

Departmental heads are responsible for:

Village Development Centre is responsible for:

General Manager

General Manager is a senior worker of the Ashram. He coordinates and monitors activities with the help of related departments, other colleagues and field staff. More specifically, he is responsible for

People's Organisations for

  1. Management of village level social activities
  2. Village level activity planning, implementation and evaluation and sharing responsibility in implementation of Ashram sponsored programmes