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Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Pant, Dheerendra Da and Prembhai

The past is our asset and we move ahead by remembering it. Most of the people walk through this path, but the great people are those who sacrifice everything to work for the oppressed section of the society. If one wants to touch the heights of Kailash Mountain, he must sacrifice his life for others to live. These statements were given by the senior litterateur and trustee member of the Ashram, Ajay Shekhar, on Wednesday, on the occasion of a meeting organised to mark birth anniversaries of the three great personalities.

Addressing the programme on the birth anniversaries of First Chief Minister of the State, Pandit Govind Vallabh Pant, Social Leader Dheerendra Majumdar and Karmyogi Prembhai, Shekhar said that it is today's need to commit ourselves to the simplicity which Prembhai devoted to his work. Ex-District Judge Prem Singh said that the personality of Prembhai was such that everyone got impressed. Though being great in terms of work and character, his life was full of simplicity. He did himself much for everybody and added hundreds of youth to work for the society. He said that in today's democracy, there is no tradition of sacrifice and simplicity and everyone wanted to become great. He gave a call to the people to live a life by fulfilling the minimum requirement and spend the rest of the money and time for the society. Dr Ragini Behan said that Ashram was indebted to these three great personalities. The organisation had progressed with their inspiration and the works of Prem Bhai, and the works are on the way. Joint Secretary Shubha Behan brought tears to most of the eyes by telling the tragic stories of the ancestors of Dheerendra Da. She told that the grandmother of Dheerendra Da was left in the forest during her pregnancy.

Ravichandra Dubey, Rajesh Chandra Tripathi and Vimal Bhai presented their thoughts during the programme and requested to establish the statue of Prem Bhai. Before that all religion prayer was organised at the samadhi of Prem Bhai. Birth anniversaries of all three personalities were celebrated at 13 centres of the Ashram including Faripaan, Baghadu, Kewaal, Jugail, Pipraha, Chetwa and Bagulia. Sweets were distributed on the occasion with support from Prem Singh. Parmeshwar Dayal, Hariprasad Kannaujiya, Radheykrishan, Rashmi Singh, Maya Behan, Dr Brahmajeet Singh, Jagat Bhai, Shubha Prem, Diwakar Sharma, Lalman, Sarvjeet Singh, Shivprasad along with hundreds of school boys and girls and organisation workers were present during the occasion. It was coordinated by Shivshankar Singh.

[Translated from the news item published in Hindi daily Amar Ujala on September 11, 2009]

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