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Huge Difference between Production Cost and Price of Hybrid – Palekar

The hybrid crop sown with support from chemical fertiliser and insectants is harmful at every cost and for the nature as well. This looks more in terms of production but rice produced is not equal to that from the desi breed of paddy. We have to decide what we have to do. These statements were given by the renowned agricultural expert and writer Subhash Palekar on the late evening of Tuesday while addressing to a three day seminar on natural agriculture.
He told that hybrid paddy gives 60 percent, shakar variety gives 50 percent and whereas desi breed gives 80 percent rice. He told that natural agriculture is the best one, provided we use the lifedrug as per the levels.

He claimed that sugarcane cropped once can be produced for the whole year. He advocated for making of med on the agricultural land, and growing trees on them and said that a 40 year old tree absorbs six litres of water from the atmosphere and evaporates 200 litres in terms of moisture. He advised to sow the pulses, beans and marigold along with the wheat grain and said that this will increase the production. On Wednesday, at the end of the seminar, the head of the Ashram, Ragini Behan said that the southern region was totally based on natural agriculture. She knew about the suitability of the crop sowing. She gave a call to collect these kind of  information and told that millet is more nutritious than paddy, but we have left everything in greed and exploiting the ground water and land resources. We must come back to the natural agriculture, then only we will get the solution. The farmers are scientists in themselves and it should be learned through experience.

Ex district judge, Prem Singh said that hybrid seeds are totally dependent on medicines. This is badly affecting the health as well as agricultural land. Shubha Behan while conducting the seminar said that we should proceed forward through regular thinking and learning process, then only we will get the success. The farmers from Manipur, Orrisa, Jharkhand, Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, went back on Wednesday while commiting themselves to natural agriculture. Pramila, VC Sharma, Dilip Mehto, Mahendra Sharma, Pramila Maharana, Sarang, Dhruvanand Sharan, Onkar Bhushan, Lalmani Kanojia, Ravindra Dubey, Rajesh Chandra Tripathi, Vimal, Ajay Jha, Birjhan Gaur, Ramnaresh Yadav, Radhey Krishan Kanojia, Ramesh Yadav, etc. were present on the ocassion.

[Translated from the news item published in Hindi daily United Bharat on September 10, 2009]

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