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Manav Aur Srashti Ka Nata

Manav Aur Srashti Ka Nata, by Ragni Behen is a book explaining a man’s relation with nature. Man is a nature’s creation and has made use of natural resources for his benefits. But today man is not just making use of earth's resources for meeting his needs, but is exploiting the resources for his greed, damaging the environment in the process.

Industrialisation, machines overtaking humans, huge power consumption and advances made in science and technology are negatively impacting the environment. A prime example of this is Sonbhadra district, where Rihand dam was constructed for power generation. Because of construction of this dam, vast area of agriculture and forest land was destroyed. Power generation from the dam and thermal power stations led to uncontrolled industrialisation in the region, thereby polluting the environment.

The book advocates a simple, cooperative and agriculture driven lifestyle as an answer to fight back damage done to the nature. It stresses that education must play a role to bring mankind closer to nature and not to destroy it.

Jisko Gyan Uska Maan

The census 1991 enumerated 48 crore Indians as illiterate. To educate these people a nationwide educational programme was started. Uttar Pradesh actively took part in the programme and in Uttar Pradesh participation of Banwasi Seva Ashram in the programme is well known.

Jisko Gyan Uska Maan by Saane Guruji is a collection of short stories published for the programme. These stories emphasise on the importance of education in the life of a human being. These stories also highlight the work done by Sevadal's young sevaks, who travelled to villages to educate people and address their problems.

This book contains six stories namely:

  • Paidaal Ki Rani
  • Dar Bhagane Wala Mantra
  • Jisko Gyan, Uska Maan
  • Manushya Banne Ke Liye Padho
  • Mandi Ki Aankh
  • Gyan Hi Sacchi Jyoti

Health and Development

Health and Development by Hanuman Prasad is book on a study conducted by Banwasi Seva Ashram on behalf of Gandhian Institute of Studies in 13 villages of Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh on the issue of health and development related problems.

Health and Development is a diagnostic survey, which attempts to correlate the levels of sickness and diseases with the socio-economic condition and brings out how far the quantum of services at present available falls short of the public health and medical needs of the area. The survey establishes the need to recognise such services as corner stone of any plan for rural development and also indicates how these services can contribute to the plans for economic development per se. The study explores a new area of investigation, which has not received due emphasis in the growing literature of socio- economic planning.

Parivar Sukh Kaise?

Population of India is rapidly expanding day by day. This has resulted in increase in demand of jobs, food, clothes, house and medical services. But due to prevailing economic conditions it is not possible for everyone to avail these basic necessities of life. To curtail this rapid increase in population, the government has done numerous awareness campaigns, but population has increased unhindered.

Dr Ragini Behen, who has been doing social work for several years, has contributed towards this cause by writing this book. This book presents a very scientific approach to curtailing population growth. With the help of pictures, figures and easy to understand language she has given methods and advice, which if read by newlywed couples, will be very helpful in making their lives easy and in a way will contribute towards the progress of the nation.