Awareness Generation

A group of women and men listening to a point of an organisational worker

Every year at a regular time, an awareness programme is organised. The awareness campaign (prabodhan yatra) starts on September 10, the birthday of Prembhai, late secretary of BSA, and ends by middle October. The activities include discussions with villagers, Shramdan (voluntary labour contribution), demonstrations in compost making, etc. Topics of discussion include environmental pollution in the area and its effects on crops, fruits, vegetation and human health, unemployment problems and employment benefits through khadi and village industries’ activities, problems of land rights, and the development schemes of the government and proposed special programmes of the Ashram.

The participants of the rallying teams are Gram Swaraj Sabha members, part time volunteer workers and Ashram workers.

Apart from this yearly general awareness campaign, specific subject awareness meetings are organised as and when felt necessary. For example, in the context of new developments in land rights and pollution control measures, awareness campaigns have been organised recently.