Shri. Vichitra Narain Sharma
Founder Chairman

Born in May, 1898, Shri Vichitra Narain Sharma left his college studies in 1920 in response to the call given by Mahatma Gandhi. He was then in the B.A. class at the Banaras University.

Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s call for non-cooperation with the British Government, and under the leadership of Acharya Kripalani, a group of 25 students led by Vichitrabhai left their place and laid the foundation of the Shri Gandhi Ashram. Vichitrabhai was the leader of these students. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, Shri Kamalapati Tripathi, Shri T.N. Singh…(Read More)

Shri. Karan Bhai
Founder Secretary

Shri Karan Bhai was the founder secretary of Banwasi Seva Ashram when the Ashram was formed in 1954. Being Secretary of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, which was active in the Sonbhadra region, he was well acquainted with the region and volunteers involved in the activities. In addition to being an able organiser and a disciplined administrator, Shri Karan Bhai had an exceptional ability to motivate co-workers and volunteers and to mobilise the attention of decision-makers. Moved by the pathetic living conditions of the tribal people, he started six Gram-Sewa (village-service) centres. Ashram worker…(Read More)

Shri Prembhai

Prem Bhai was a multi-dimensional personality. He was a Gandhian, planner, economist, effective speaker, village development technician and a constructive worker fighting for the rights of socially neglected and backward classes. He made efforts to construct a social order according to Gandhian thoughts for solving problems of the rural communities. His efforts were based on people’s participation, self-governance and long-term sustainability.  His planned achievements during 27 years in the domains of strong people’s movements, leadership development of local voluntary workers, formation of gramswarajya sangathans and appropriate usage of local resources are highly motivating.

Prembhai was motivated to become a Gandhian worker…(Read More)

Dr. Ragini Prem

Dr. Ragini Prem, a physician by profession, was a Gandhian who dedicated her life for realizing the ideal of Gram-Swaraj and Sarvodaya. She made seminal contributions to rural health, women empowerment and the fight against environmental pollution in the Sonbhadra district.

She was born in Hyderabad in 1934 to Vishnu and Usha Palshikar. Her father, Vishnu Palshikar, an architect by profession, came from a family involved in the Gandhian movement. During her medical college days, she had travelled to tribal areas of Orrisa and Andhra Pradesh. Exposure to pathetic health conditions in these tribal villages, the inspiration…(Read More)