Sagoban Watershed Development Project

Funding Agency: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)

Since beginning of 2018, Banwasi Seva Ashram is working on Sagoban Watershed Development project in 1000 hector area in Dudhi Taluka of Sonbhadra district with financial support from NABARD. Majority of the project land is privately owned and is located in Bisrampur , Pharaipan and Sagobadh villages. In addition to developing efficient water resource management practices, this project touches upon variety of other aspects such as developing sustainable agricultural practices, greenery development on waste lands, creating awareness about energy savings and livestock management. It is planned to use cultivation of green manure crops and vermicomposting for reducing chemical fertilizer consumption and the related pollution and for improving soil moisture retention and soil carbon. Crop water budgeting and micro irrigation techniques will be employed for efficient use of available water. Promotion of solar energy based irrigation and carrying out energy audits is expected to enhance the energy savings. Further it is planned to increase areas under fodder plots, carry out bund and tank offshore plantation and horticulture promotion for enhancing carbon fixation. A novel feature of this project is that the assessment of environmental impact will carried out with the help of experts and further used to develop new sustainable agricultural practices. Other important aspect of this project is to strengthen supporting livelihood options.

NABARD Kisan Club Meetings

Work under the initial capacity building phase of this project has been completed over 100 hectors. In the next phase, BSA has started working on development of 945 hectors based on concepts of watershed management. This phase is expected to benefit 1200 families of farmer. Sagoban Water Harvesting Committee has been formed at the community level which will make decisions in all matters of watershed management. The committee will be responsible for implementation and maintenance of various water harvesting schemes under the project.